WANT A FIELD TRIP IN YOUR AREA? You organise the crowd, We organise the rocks. From one day to one week.

There are varieties of FIELD TRIPS.

A. Half Day (3 to 4 hours including meal breaks).
B. Home School days (9.30 am to 2.30pm.)
. School Field Trips ( school hours).

D. Public Day Trips (8.30 am. to sunset).
E.  Multi-Day Trips

If you would like Creation Research to conduct a FIELD TRIP for your group email info@creationresearch or phone +61 7 3206 4467

Field Trips are a great way of collecting real evidence showing Creation is true and evolution is false. For our ONE DAY fossil field trips, you organise the group, the transport, the starting place and we organise the locations in your area or nearby. Enjoy a healthy day out, collect marvellous rocks and fossils where specimen taking is permitted and learn much about God's wonderful creation.

COSTING: For approx cost of holding a Creation Research Field Trip in your area click Field Trip Costs.


AUSSIE CREATION MUSEUM JURASSIC ARK FIELD TRIPS to the World’s Only Outdoor Creation Research Museum  and Fossil Dig Site near Gympie Australia

See exciting results from AROUND THE WORLD 

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