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Don’t Miss Aussie, John Mackay and new English Creation Guy, Joseph Hubbard in California, Tennessee, Alabama and South Carolina.

Details for Sacramento – Contact Sandra Yarbrough

Details for Tennessee – Contact John Mackay

Details for Alabama – Contact Dean Olive

Details for South Carolina – Contact Kirk Wilson

Get excited all over again at the truth of God’s Word from the beginning, from Genesis through John, as we unveil the Sovereign God in a climate of change. See the facts, the fossils and the faith that reveals Jesus Christ in every part of His Creation, Salvation and coming again.

Joseph Hubbard is now full time with Creation Research, and is a superbly gifted speaker as well as having graduated in Geology and Zoology. In addition, he is a licensed zookeeper with a huge collection of fossils, as well as animals of his own which we use in the UK’s Genesis Museum of Creation Research.

John Mackay has been ministering in the States for decades and many of you have come across him as we have gone from victory to victory in debates, been blessed in exciting church meetings and made great finds on field trips. There are still some vacancies in Tennessee for ministry, but not many. Get in touch now.




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