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UK Fabulous Fossil Finds July 2016. Report by Joseph Hubbard (top right).

How fast can fossils and stalactites form? A Research Report by Joseph Hubbard.During a research trip to Colchester, Essex, UK; we were able to add another example to our list of fast stalagmite formation. 
How old is the Earth, and what are the evidences for the Earth being that age? When dealing with the age of the earth and the Bible, it is always the Bible that should be our defining point.
Viruses do they evolve? Consider flu viruses. Every new outbreak of flu is a new virus. Is this not evolution?
What does it mean to be made in the image of God? - Let me ask you an honest question. Consider a cat, an orchid, a hamster and a little girl. They all represent living things.
UK Dorset Fossils Flood Evidence Part 1  A two week research trip with my family to the famous Jurassic Coast, in Dorset, UK has revealed many interesting and thought-provoking fossils.
UK Fossil Flood Evidence Part 2 Isle of WightA September 2015  research trip took us to the Isle of Wight (IoW), the home of Britain’s dinosaurs!

Fossil Fish Formed Flood Fast -The Green River Formation in Wyoming, USA.


Crocs in Rocks Buried Alive!! Moroccan phosphate beds give evidence supporting the Biblical Flood. Contributed by Joseph.

Fast Fossil Facts  Sitting along the West Norfolk Coast are the magnificent Hunstanton Cliffs. Despite the fact that they are not very large, as some cliffs come, they have still earned the title of the 7th best geologic location in the UK.
Recant Darwin Question Joseph - "A friend said to me that he thought Darwin recanted his views on evolution near the end of his life, and gave up his evolutionist views." 

The Ocean - An example of God's Creation with Hannah - Many, if not all School textbooks refer to Evolution as fact, however the truth is, Evolution is not fact based at all.

Man vs Mosquito - Why did God make pesky things like mosquitoes?



Question: New Dinosuar Find? What does the discovery of anew species of duck-billed hadrosaur found along the Colville River in Northern Alaska tell us? Answer by Caleb

Chinese Feathered Dinosaurs by Caleb LePore USA - The UK Guardian reported 16 July 2015: “Zhenyuanlong suni: biggest ever winged dinosaur is found in China.”
Caleb LePore The Crown of Thorns One of the more familiar scenes from Christ’s passion, this mocking act by the Roman soldiers during Christ’s trial under Pontius Pilate is recorded in all four Gospels. Though, from context, the most immediate and straightforward understanding of these texts is that the crown of thorns was a symbol of disgrace.


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